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You'll find other real estate companies charge as much as 8% on residential properties and 10% or more on land and special or commercial properties.

Real estate commissions are typically split with half going to the company who lists the property and half to the company who brings your buyer. Understanding the commission split is essential to realizing why our approach is so much more effective.

Many real estate companies try to discount their commissions by splitting the discounted commission 50/50. For example, on a 5.5% commission, the listing company keeps 2.75% and offers only 2.75% to the selling company. We believe this discourages some real estate agents from showing and selling your home.

With our approach, we take the discount on our side of the commission and offer a full 3% of the 5.5% to the selling company.

When the property is sold by Philip Black Realty or another company, the total commission is only 5.5% of the sales price; split as follows: 2.5% to Philip Black Realty and 3% to the selling company. Please notice we offer a full 3% of the commission to the selling company in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).

We handle all the details from marketing and showing the property to attending the closing. All the services of a traditional real estate agent - and more - for LESS!

You retain the right to sell your home directly without paying a selling company commission.

You also retain the right to change or even cancel your listing at anytime.

You get the best of both worlds with a larger pool of buyers: Buyers working with Realtors and Buyers working with "For Sale by Owners".

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